Join Us in Saratoga April 25th and 26th

Saratoga National Golf Club; 458 Union Avenue,
Saratoga Springs, NY 

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Session Descriptions:

Day 1: Wednesday April 25th
Pre-Conference Sessions

eSD Online Registration 
Presenter: Rachel May (eSD)
Transitioning to a paperless registration process has never been easier! During this pre-conference session, we will demonstrate the robust toolset that is available to all subscribers of the Online Registration module. A panel of early adopters, including representatives from eSD districts around the state, will share their experiences and provide attendees with an opportunity to discuss the policy and planning implications of going green.

BOCES Round Table (New York Support Partners Only)
Jennifer Espina (eSD)
During this session, we will introduce our new road map prioritization process. Attendees will experience a day in the life of a product manager, and discuss personas, user stories, project scope, resourcing, and return on investment. Using these concepts, support partners will have an opportunity to analyze and prioritize those requests that are most important to the districts in each of their regions. At the conclusion of the session, we will form a consensus on the deliverables for each prioritized enhancement ticket.

BOCES Tech Tank (Support Partners Only)
Jenna Triola and Ramesh Gopalkishnan (esD)
Back-end Data Support Teams are invited to share in this “Tech-Think-Tank”. We’ll take a deep dive into the eSD Data Model and releases documentation and share best practices for ensuring your custom reports are properly aligned with each release of eSD. GURU API and Zap setup and advanced technical support.

Day 2: Thursday, April 26th
Conference Sessions

Scheduling Dashboards
Rachel May (eSD)
Take the pain out of scheduling season with the new Scheduling Dashboard! Gone are the days of searching for a needle in the haystack. The new Scheduling Dashboard provides master schedulers with interactive, graphical reports, allowing users to view overall trends and drill into each result to view additional details. Join us for a preview and learn how to incorporate this new feature into your scheduling toolkit.

eSD GURU Notifications and Data Management
Eric Erhardt (eSD)
Has the monotony of regular data updates got you down? Tired of finding out about changes to your students’ records after the fact? Break free from the malaise with eSD GURUBoards. Newly released toolsets provide districts with the ability to automate rules-based data updates and staff notifications. Join us to learn how these new features can benefit your district.

eSD GURU Imports
Rachel May (eSD)
Drowning in data? eSD GURU provides a variety of tools to help districts tackle the challenge of synchronizing data between different applications. This session will cover some of the latest enhancements that subscribers of eSD GURU will enjoy, including the ability to import pictures, statuses, lockers, and more.

eSD Mobile
Jennifer Espina (eSD)
Deliver critical information to stakeholders’ mobile devices with eSD Mobile push notifications! In this session, we’ll discuss best practices for introducing your community to eSD Mobile. Attendees will learn how they can easily configure the communication module to automatically notify parents and students about changes to grades, attendance, and more.

Online Registration
Rachel May (eSD)
Transitioning to a paperless registration process has never been easier! Subscribers of our Online Registration module enjoy the benefits of a fully integrated experience, eliminating the need to manage registration data between different applications. During this session, we will demonstrate the robust toolset that is available to districts, including the ability to create custom forms, review and accept applications, send automated updates to stakeholders, and more.    

Digital Classroom - eSchoolData, Microsoft & Apple: Integrating the Big 3
Dan Nehlsen (Malverne Union Free School District)

Technology is ever changing and our classrooms need to keep up. Each day, more teachers are using technology to challenge, inspire and engage their students. Managing and juggling the digital integration of eSchoolData, Microsoft & Apple can be an overwhelming task. We need to ensure that teachers have immediate access to the necessary tools for the implementation and sustainability of future ready digital learning environments. This session will discuss how the Malverne School District successfully navigated this seamless and stress free integration and found a way to revolutionize the learning experience.          

Breakout EDU – New Release Tips
Paul Streicher (Glens Falls City School District)
If you have never experienced a lesson using the Breakout EDU model, you are missing out. In this session we will be exploring new features recently released in eSchoolData through the playing of a fun, immersive game. In Breakout EDU games, players work collaboratively to solve a series of critical thinking puzzles in order to open a locked box and “breakout.”

IO Assessments
Patrick Sharp (IO Education)
Enjoy a fully integrated classroom experience with IO Assessments and eSchoolData. Teachers can now create, deliver, score, and analyze a wide variety of assessments directly from Teacher Connect. Results are automatically published to the Teacher Connect Gradebook, eliminating the need for double entry. Join us for a full demonstration of this exciting new integration.

NY State Reporting
Jamie Savino (eSD), Ramesh Gopalakrishnan (eSD)
So many changes, so little time!  In this session, we’ll show you how to use eSD to meet new reporting requirements.  We’ll focus on those areas which may require changes to your setup process.

Teacher Connect - Getting Started with Teacher Connect                                        
Jackie Hubert (eSD), Brittany Metzger (eSD) & Toni Cerone (eSD)                                            

The Teacher Classic Interface will be retired at the end of this school year. If you are not already using Teacher Connect, this session is a must. We’ll be highlighting all the features Teacher Connect has to offer. Learn how you can make the transition from Classic to Teacher Connect a positive experience for your teachers, and how to use the new Teacher Connect Management Tools to manage default settings for your district, making it even easier for teachers to start the 2018-2019 school year with a smile!